Our Communities

The best places to live, work, play and thrive.

The gorgeous homes, the friendly neighbors, the amenities that are just a short walk away. Our communities are the places where everything is thought of—and nothing is overlooked. You’ll find us in premier locations close to acclaimed schools, exciting retail, and innovative employers. This is maintenance-free living for everyone, whether you’re an individual, young couple, growing family or empty nester.

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We combine the best of apartment and single family living through desirable locations, first class amenities and room to grow.

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Our neighborhoods provide luxury single family living without the stress of mortgages, taxes and HOAs.

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We provide exceptional service for maintenance free living through our onsite professional management teams – taking care of your lawn, your home, and most importantly, YOU.

The Perks

2-Car Garage

Pull into your 2-car garage with direct access to your home.

Front & Back Yards

Choose to play out front or in back. The space is yours.


Stainless steel & energy-efficient...what's for dinner?

Luxury Countertops

Design inspired countertops throughout. High fashion...low maintenance.

Designer Flooring

Wood styling and low VOC carpet throughout. Sock sliding and toe wiggling welcomed.

LED Lighting

Bright lights, low energy consumption equals low bills!

Central Heating & AC

Keeping you comfy - warm or cool.

In-home Connections

Do laundry on your terms.

Amenity Center

Find new friends in the heart of your community.

Fitness Center

Get your sweat on in our state-of-the-art fitness center.

Luxury Pool

Swim. Play. Relax. Plan your staycation weekly.


Who needs plugs? Common area connectivity ready.

Dog Park

Bark. Wag. Run. Fetch. Four legged play station.

Friendly Staff

No worry life-style. On-site. Quick response. We've got you covered.

Walking Trails

Sunrise to sunset... trails open. Available in select communities

Park & Picnic Areas

From birthdays to playdates...open space for any occasion.
Some perks are only available in select communities.

The AHV Difference

Combining the best of apartment and single family rental living.

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